NSF (Nano Sapphire FUE) Hair Transplant

NSF Before going throw the details of this technique let’s go back a little bit exactly to year 1952 when a dermatologist did the first successful hair transplantation procedure based on the basic principle of hair transplantation which says that transplanted hair continues to display the same characteristics of the hair from where it was… …Read More

Which hair transplant method is best for you?

In this technological era, there are a lot of hair transplant techniques available and every now and then new ones are introduced. The question of which technique best suits your condition always arises as one is on a quest to getting a hair transplant done. Comparatively, all the methods can produce natural looking results depending… …Read More

NANO FUE Technique

The FUE technique emerged as a solution and better implementation of the hair surgery after FUT. Rapid developments in hair transplantation have produced smaller and more advanced tools and the hair transplanting techniques have subsequently moved from macro, to micro, and then to Nano. The Nano Fue is the latest automated high-quality procedure of the… …Read More

5 Important Things to Know While Searching for the Best Hair Transplant Doctors

It could be difficult to determine the best hair center and surgeon in Turkey because it is about choice and preference and the criteria used for the determination. In this article I have listed the key points that can be used to determine the most credible and best hair transplant center and the best doctor… …Read More

Needle-Free Anesthesia For Hair Transplant

About 20% of the world population have needle injection phobias. The needle free anesthesia came as a promising option for the needle phobic. This procedure commonly known for dermatological practices is also used in the hair transplant sector. In this procedure, the lack of needle usage and the rapidity of the instrument eases apprehension in… …Read More

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE is a method that follows the standard FUE procedure with a twist that makes it different than the regular FUE method. The difference is on the material used to make the equipment which brings about significant effects on the end results. As the name says, sapphire FUE uses blades made of sapphire, Sapphire… …Read More

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