Hair Transplant

It is a process of transferring the healthy hair follicles by a surgeon who can remove donor hair follicles from the sides and back and relocate them on the top of the scalp where hair loss has occurred and the newly transplanted hair will grow as it had from the donor region.

1-Draw the donor area:

First of all , the surgeon starts to draw and determines the donor area which the hair follicles will be extracted from.

after that, the anesthetist starts to apply the local anesthesia on the donor zone and after few minutes after making sure the donor area was completely numb then the surgeon can resume his work.

In one hair transplant session, surgeon can only extract about 4000 hair follicles at most because the hair follicles have a lifetime range between 5-7 hours after that time they will get into the damage phase.This procedure can take between 2-3 hours, after that the patient will be able to get a break to go toilet or eat something.

Next step is when the surgeon starts to open the hair channels to put the hair follicles into them and here we should warn that the inclination of the hair channel must be 45 degree to give a natural hair appearance.

Also this step can take about one hour and it must be done by the surgeon himself because it needs high concentration and accuracy during work.

Final step is hair transplant, when the surgeon starts to relocate the donor hair follicles into the front and top area of scalp.

May the surgeon needs an expert to help him during this procedure because it needs a long time and patience.

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