Moustache Transplant

to make men out of the upper lip area, hair thinning is a treatment method used in the case. mustache hair roots to be used in the region to be made, the hair follicles are taken from the back of the neck, as in baldness treatment. This treatment of the upper part of the neck to the fue method and 0.6 mm punch with the lack of individual hair follicles are planted individually on BI area again this hair roots.

Scarring of the mustache, surgical scars, burn scars, loss such problems can be camouflaged with close to full mustache.

After the beard and mustache process into which the blood clot from the point needle used during cultivation in the area under cultivation creates an appearance of dark red, but this view is cleared in the first bath. Beard and mustache planted area should be washed after 24-48 hours. After washing the clot is cleared and planted beards begin to appear, two or three days later, revealed the image of a beard.

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