P.R.P Therapy process

Stopping hair loss is a treatment method for reviving the weakened hair follicles.
The P.R.P treatment uses the patient’s own blood through a special process of obtaining a result of the separated white blood cells Platelet substance which is then injected into the bald or thinning areas.
This treatment does not only prevent hair loss, it also gives extremely good results in terms of facial rejuvenation as well.

With the P.R.P Treatment, there are no side effects because one is using his own blood. Patients may immediately continue their daily life routine after treatment is done.

This application can be done during your hair transplant surgery and every 3 months after the surgery to promote the hair growth and provide a fuller density.

This new technology was first found and implemented in the United States and other European countries. In the recent years,Turkey has started to use it widely.

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